A new traveler

So my parents live in a city that is an hour flight away and I haven’t gone to visit them since my son was born and what better time than now that the holiday season is over, everyone is back to work and my nieces birthday is just a week away. I couldn’t miss her first birthday and it was a great excuse to see my family…The only thing I am dreading is the flight with both kids on my OWN!!! I have traveled with my daughter ever since she was 3 weeks old, but this one will be the first for my son (2.5 months) and I have no idea if he is going to handle the flight well or not. I am sure like many other parents – you never want to be that person in the row that has the screaming child. I have been lucky thus far that my daughter hasn’t had any outbursts on any of her flights to date, but they always say that the second child is always SO different and generally the complete opposite than the first right?! Seeing as I have two lap babies I am having to have my brother come fly down and come back with me so he can hold my daughter while I hold my son. What a hassle just to get there….but willing to do it for the family – family always has that kinda clout don’t they? Hehe. I find it quite hard having family live in another city, I honestly feel like they miss out on their grandchildren and I hate that the only way the kids have a relationship with them 90% of the time is through technological means (ie. Skype and Facetime). I mean I wish that there were a way for them to see each other more than a couple to a few times a year…and lets face it, now with the two of them I won’t be going as frequent as I had when it was just my daughter.
So Calgary – the city my parents live has quite a cold winter – snow and windchill factors. You never really know how to dress and what to pack. One day could be freezing and another day could be warm, sunny and windy. So far the weather has been quite mild and we haven’t had to bundle up too much. It has also allowed us to go out more often than we normally do because the weather doesn’t make you want to just sit inside next to a toasty fire. My daughter has this infatuation with fish and so my dad decided to take us to the newly renovated gardens within the downtown mall where they have amazing foliage and a pond filled with fish. My little girl couldn’t get enough of the fish and just kept waving at them saying hi and had a lovely time

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