Baby Wearing Essentials

Whether you have a newborn, infant or toddler, baby wearing is truly the ultimate in hands free. If you are head out for a evening stroll, or your baby is just needing a cuddle you’ll always find yourself swaying back and forth or slightly jumping up and down to calm your little one or simply put them to sleep, and you’ll do this ¬†all the while either holding them or wearing them. Oh and if you aren’t baby wearing, you must give it a go, cause you’ll ask what took you so long to try it.

So we all know that at some point between newborn and toddler-hood we will have those drooling stages and they will come and go depending on when those little teeth decide to sprout. During that time you’ll have to deal with irritated skin, specifically the those sensitive areas like the chin and neck; wet clothing – hopefully your wearing bandana bib to help soak up some of that constant drool and protect their sensitive neck areas and then you’ll have those straps on your baby carrier and stroller that will be covered in drool due to the constant gnawing to soothe those itchy gums.

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