Balancing life with two under a year and a half

Nobody said being a mother of two was easy and I can contest to that. I mean it isn’t difficult, but the balance of the two children and a husband PLUS a household is what gets a bit out of whack. Just when you have got everything down to a fine art, getting things done and getting out of the house seems to take HOURS. I may be exaggerating a bit, but I mean seriously – getting three people ready and out the door just seems to be chaos at the moment. I am sure in a few weeks I will get a better rhythm going since at the moment I can start the process of getting out the house at 10 and never actually get out till noon. To get everyone fed, dressed and out the door has to have a faster and easier routine and I MUST find it and master it!

I have to say so far it has been a pretty easy transition. Maybe it is because I am trying to stay as relaxed as possible because lets face it, getting riled up over things isn’t going to help; although, the hubby thinks that since #2 has arrived, I get a bit more worked up over little things and need to calm myself down…but in all fairness coping with two all day and trying to work on keeping the house in order whilst getting a somewhat gourmet dinner served seems a bit all too overwhelming for this new mum of two. Now I must mention that my hubby is at work all day, and then some days is in school which makes some days during the week all me with the kids so I end up feeling like a single mother at times and coping with it all – so yes, it will make me go a bit into the deep end so I end up getting a bit stir crazy and just want some down time. Can you really blame me? (Big props to the single parents out there, I don’t know how you do it and keep your sanity!) I know I have to be a bit more understanding, but then I also feel I need that understanding as well – and besides, women are just equipped with more sensitively triggered buttons..and men just need to deal with it! Haha. I hope that is a laughing matter – not to him I wouldn’t think. I was also very lucky that the first two weeks of my son being born to have my parents fly down and help me adjust to the two little ones. While I tended to my newborn, they were there to entertain my toddler. It was so helpful and I truly feel blessed to have parents in our lives to help us when it is needed, especially in times like these where having more hands is so beneficial…it also gave them a great excuse to come down and spend some quality time with their grandchildren. What kid doesn’t love that!

Other than the ‘getting a routine’ issue in check, being a mother of two has been absolutely rewarding. It is also the best feeling waking up to these two munchkins and to see that my daughter just completely and utterly adores her baby brother – something I was a tad worried about before his arrival. She showers him with loads and loads of hugs and kisses and will go lay next to him because he doesn’t move much, and it just melts my heart everyday. She calls him bha – which in our language means brother. The last few weeks leading up to the arrival of this baby, I was worried how my daughter would adjust to a new sibling at home, but she adjusted like he had always been a part of her life. I mean it was just so cute as I got bigger while pregnant she would touch my tummy and say baby…sadly, she still says baby when she looks at my tummy now – haha. But all joking aside, their is no jealousy while I hold or feed him and not her, rather what I do notice is that while I am holding him to feed, that is when she will want my attention – which is fine, it is just that now I have learned how to breastfeed an infant and read a book to a toddler at the same time – multitasking at its finest. As all mother’s know, you just gotta do what you gotta do to keep everyone happy.

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