Days of baking have finally paid off!

Well the past few days have been spent in the kitchen preparing the birthday cake, cake pops and cupcakes. Wow, what a task. Thank goodness for the hubby’s help when needed. He was a saviour just when I thought my body was giving out from the days of standing. In having said that I believe that the cake – for a first time attempt – turned out pretty good. I just hope that it tastes as good as my test cake did, and that people at least have a liking for lemon cake. Cake pops were made from lemon cake as well as it was just easier doing a cake that I had done before for cake pops. As for the cupcakes I made vanilla bean cupcakes with a very yummy cookie butter icing. It was AMAZING, and I must say if you have never tried cookie butter, you must. It has the consistency of a very smooth peanut butter but is far tastier than nutella. I can’t recommend it enough! I hope they are a hit at the party, cause they are a hit in my tummy.

So after wanting the cake to be a child like safari themed cake, I decided to go with the traditional zebra print stripes on the bottom tear of the cake. I then made a whole bunch of leaf cut outs for the top tear of the cake and then surrounded it with the wooden animal cake toppers. Safari theme birthday cakeSo the cake was simple yet played up on the theme I was going for. Since there was no pink incorporated into the cake or the decorations, I thought the candle and the happy birthday sign on the cake had to be pink. The writing didn’t work so well cause as soon as it dried in the fridge it cracked in some areas, but I couldn’t get hung up on that since at the end of the day, I am not a professional and you could still read it okay. I didn’t really want to tamper with it as that is the least worrisome part, it is how to transport it there without causing it to fall apart or get damaged. Everything has been set to go otherwise, the decorations have been packed, the balloons have been blown, the candy has been filled in the jars, the deserts have been set to go, now, just to get some much needed rest before the big show tomorrow. I still cannot believe that just a year ago I had given birth to my beautiful baby girl, and now it was her first birthday…where in the world does time go?!

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