Easter Success

Easter huntWell I gotta say, my little lady loved her Easter Egg hunt. We actually ended up doing two for her – one at home and one at my in-laws house with her cousin. The event was a true success and of course she was thrilled given the shear amount of chocolate in free reign. I mean really like Christmas baking is to me, I can clearly see Easter is to my little chocolate monster. easter babyIf you haven’t ever done an Easter egg hunt for your little ones, don’t miss the opportunity to do one, and once you do, make it a tradition for them. Next year I will have the joy of doing it for two little minis…and I am already looking forward to it!

The dollar store is a great place to get all your eggs in one basket – no pun intended! From reusable eggs, to egg fillers, to gifts for completing the hunt, and of course decorations to make the hunt extra fun…it is really simple and trust me when I say the kids absolutely adore it. I found the egg fillers a bit difficult – but now we have access to sites such as Pinterest that make it helpful. Aside from the obvious…chocolate, there had to be something more. I only managed to find stickers as the most appropriate as she is only 20+ months. Next year it may be easier as she will be nearly 3 and finding smaller sized toys could be an option to fill in her eggs. Easter basketOh and if you have ever noticed the eggs after (as I had some already) but they have larger sized eggs available where you could also fit bigger toys in them and they could be spaced accordingly around the hunt. I also got some big Easter bunny footprints along with signs with arrows directing the children where to go. The thing is many of these seem a bit out of place given her age, but the beauty of it is that you can use them year after year. Yay to that! Now the gift basket at the end could be anything really from a fun sippy cup, to clothing, books, puzzles, or even more toys. Anything you fill in your child’s gift basket at the end is sure to please them.

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