Easter weekend

Can you believe we are into the first quarter of the year. I cannot believe that the trees have budded, the cherry blossoms have come and gone and the tulips have bloomed. Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. How exciting. I love being able to go outside during this time of the year, it feels so fresh and bright and cheery that my flip flops are slowly being dusted off and eagerly awaiting my feet! It is also just a few days away from Easter weekend. This time of the year is almost as much fun as Halloween and Christmas. It is really child friendly which is even better – although the Easter bunny scared my daughter last year, I am really hoping that it goes successfully this year, especially now that her brother will be next to her for the photo! My daughter is now nearly 22 months old – wow ALREADY…and I am hoping that this year we can do more activities during Easter weekend. Crafts, egg decorating, scavenger hunts and of course eating yummy treats.
I am trying to make a list of things we can do during the weekend that she can partake in and enjoy doing so. I am wanting to do a scavenger hunt at home, so I went to my local dollar store and picked up a few items that would make the Easter egg hunt fun since I had no idea where to start. I mean we didn’t do this when we were kids so I know that this is something that I want as a yearly tradition. So the dollar store has some really nifty things, I picked up an Easter egg hunt kit and all I need to do is stage my own hunt. Fun right! There are direction signs showing you where to go, and egg stations, a basket, some masks and tokens for Easter eggs! I cannot wait to see how it goes. I am still searching for the egg fillers. I mean I don’t want to fill all of the eggs with chocolate, so need something other than that. I picked up a few stickers – she loves those and I went to my handy internet site Pinterest to see what I could find as alternatives. I was able to find things such as stickers, gold fish crackers, alphabet magnets, small toys like balls and cars, mini bubbles, tattoos, bracelets and rings, money, crayons. So I think those are all great ideas that don’t require you to have chocolate in the eggs. At the end I want to have a basket full of fun treats and toys that she can enjoy for all her hard work – mummy and daddy will eat the chocolate of course – okay, mum more than dad!

I also want to see the local fun easter events that they have going on around the comminity. I know they do have a lot of scavenger hunts, but the age limit is for older toddlers like 3+ so I need to find things that a younger toddler can do and something she can and will really enjoy. Can’t forget dinner with the family. Nom nom.

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