First week as a mum of two

First week as a mum of two

Well I made it through the first week! Phew. I was a bit anxious as I didn’t really know how life would change exactly – we just knew that it would. My little man is a good baby so far, he latches on great, eats well and sleeps A LOT…only problem is that he poops A LOT too! I know you will probably say that every baby poops a lot and sleeps a lot, but I guess I am just comparing it to my first born, the only little person I can compare babies to. My daughter slept a lot as well, like all babies do, but this guy is maybe up for a total of 2- 3 hours a day 4 could be possible but would be pushing it – don’t you think that would be considered SLEEPING a lot? The poop is out of control – again, comparing it to my daughter of course, Zayd will poop 8 – 10 times within a 24 hour period…can you imagine the number of diapers I go through a day?! Now I am totally okay cleaning poopy diapers, but here is where it becomes a bit of a problem…a newly circumcised newborn with a lot of poopy diapers. Thankfully he doesn’t seem to be in any pain so it all just looks a lot worse than it really is, I just need this to heal quickly so I can stop feeling bad about the whole procedure.

We had his newborn session a week after he was born. Now any new mums or mums to be will know that finding a reasonably priced newborn photographer is not always easy. Firstly you have to find the type of photographer you like, then you have to hope that they don’t break the bank. I know when it came to my wedding, a fabulous photographer was really important to me, but I wasn’t down with paying thousands of dollars for newborn photos. Life had changed since a wedding, now we had mortgages and insurance to worry about and kids and RESP’s. Now I had a newborn photographer for my first one, but long story short, the prices for photo packages just ended up being so costly I just paid for a few prints and called it a day. Still feel sad about that, but this time I wasn’t going to let that happen. This time around I wanted a photographer that was able to give me digital prints so that way I could print at my leisure and share them with family, but needed to also someone that could do it in my budget. Finally after months of research, I found the photographer I was looking for all along..only wish I had found her when I had Ziya. She was so patient, her props were awesome, and was willing to work within my price point. I was so excited for it.

The photoshoot was going great. We started with some pictures of the siblings and then did a few family ones and then it was just my son. The hubby and I had to entertain my daughter at times and finally after a couple hours she grew restless and she wanted my phone. Now I am almost embarrassed to share this story, because I should’ve really known better. My phone is locked and requires a password to get in, but if you press the icon at the bottom ’emergency’ it will take you to a keypad. Now my daughter has been there before and has typed randomness in the keypad and it is fine, but a few days ago she was doing that and ended up dialing 0..of course the operator answered and she hung up. I got a phone call seconds later stating that it was the local police and wanted to ensure everything was okay and safe. The embarrassing part is now only a matter of a few days later she has struck again. I was actually so scared what the police were going to say because I am sure at this point they have my number on file. So now we were at the photoshoot and what happens next is just beyond embarassing. Little miss Ziya dials 0 and in a panic I just quickly hung up, hoping that they will just forget it. Well I wasn’t that lucky. They – the police of course called back and I had to repeat my spiel about how my daughter was playing with my phone and in error dialed 0. They asked the usual, but this time I had to say that I was getting some newborn photos done and someones house and that is where I was at the time (since they ask for your current whereabouts). Now they grew more suspicious, thinking something was up, they asked for the address and said that they would send a police car down there to confirm everything was okay. my lil pumpkinAt this point I was uterly humilated. I actually had to tell the photographer that the police was going to come to her place and scope out the situation. I am devastated at this point because this time it wasn’t happening at home – we were at someones business, and not just at a studio but at HER HOME. The photoshoot continues and I am just hoping that the police drive by see that their is no chaos and drive away, but of course that is not the case. They ring the doorbell, the photographer just says you can go ahead and answer the door, so I go and do so, he asks me for my ID and sees that everything is okay and thankfully after taking down my information he leaves. You can imagine just how ashamed I felt given the events that had taken place while pictures were being taken of our son. I am so grateful that the photographer found the events funny enough to say, ‘well that is the first time that has ever happened’ and we were able to laugh it off, but just so everyone knows…my little girl is banned from my phone FOREVER! :s


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