Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you and your families! Can you believe 2015 is already here! I don’t even know where 2014 went!!! Here is to a new year with new memories, happiness, peace and success.
New Year’s celebrations are so different when they include small children, and the shear fact that little ones are in bed early and don’t even make it to midnight. Isn’t it funny how times have changed…when you were younger New Years plans were established weeks ahead of time, outfits were purchased for the special night and all your friends were joining you – now you do something at home that is quiet, you are probably in pj’s on the couch, eating popcorn with maybe a glass of wine to toast to the New Year all of which is fine, but this year we wanted something different, something that was kid and parent friendly. Something you could do and everyone could enjoy equally…but what?? So we planned a trip down to Seattle and stayed at the hotel for New Years. You are probably thinking how is this any different than staying at home right? Well it was very different. The hotel we stayed provided breakfast in the morning, happy hour from 5 to 7 in the evening, and as a special New Year’s event, champagne, apple cider and some small appetizers at midnight. They had done an amazing job and really catered to the many young families. It was so much fun and the hotel did an amazing job making the new year celebrations exciting and fun..they included hats, horns, mardi gras beads and the countdown on television. We were quite surprised how busy the hotel was but it made for an even more fun way to ring in 2015, and we plan to do it again this year and the next hopefully – a regular family tradition is the plan. We went with my brother – who lives in an hour flight away from us, so it was wonderful when he decided to join us with his wife and nearly year old daughter. It was great to have their company and for my niece and my daughter to be able to play together – opportunities we don’t normally get. It was a great way to have some really nice family time, relax and rewind and to celebrate the new year without having to worry about cleaning and cooking. Highly recommended.
2014 shared with it some good times and some bad; the passing of my grandmother but the birth of our son. Like every year there are always going to be times of good and times of bad, but we always must remember to enjoy every moment with those we love doing the things we love most. It is hard to believe that my little girl is a year and a half (almost 19 months) and my son has already been in our family for over two months. I know time went by quickly before, but I have to say it goes by even faster with kids…I am sure everyone can agree there. Wish we could freeze time sometimes and just enjoy the moment a little longer, don’t you?!

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