great grandmaIn Memory of our beloved grandmother (1925-2014)

It is heartbreaking going to funerals, especially when they are someone so close to you. She was officially my last grandparent and it is tough knowing that my dad has lost his mum. I had already just lost my other grandmother the summer before and the year before that my hubby lost his last grandparent – his grandmother. We just felt so saddened that family members were all slowly leaving us every year. I could never imagine losing a parent and those that have, my heart goes out to you. I will see my dad when I get to the funeral as he was staying at a different hotel than us as we got in so late, all I know is that I will be lost for words. How do you console someone that you are so close to that lost someone so close to them?! Sometimes I believe that a hug can say more than words in times like these. I know he is going to be an absolute mess and like many of you, I am sure you rarely – if at all, see your father’s cry…..and in a few hours I will see that day. He was already a mess knowing that this day was approaching, but never thought it would come so fast. We ¬†were told things were looking better and it all took a turn for the worst. I continued assuring him over the phone that she had lived a good long life and that she is in a better place with no suffering and no sorrows. It is just hard when you know he just doesn’t want to accept that.

In our culture, the women don’t go to the cemetery to bury the body, so I don’t know what the emotional environment will be like during that time, all I know is that my father will be the one having to go in the grave to help place her body down. I just cannot imagine that or what he will be feeling, and then you can’t help but start thinking about your own parents and how they aren’t getting any younger and neither are we. Do/did you speak to them enough? Do/did you see them as much as you could/could have? Do/did I tell them how much Iove(d) them? Life is truly to short and we have to always remember to tell hose that we love just how much they mean to us, because sometimes time passes and so do our opportunities to spend time with those that mean the most to us. We must really take the time to enjoy every moment we can with our family members that are dearest since we all know time is just something that we cannot control.

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