Its no birthday without a cake!

Now for the cake. Of course at this point Pinterest has been my absolute go to for designs that I wanted for her cake. A website that I have spent countless hours scrolling through looking for ideas on just the perfect cake for my baby girl’s birthday. As most of you who are planning a child’s birthday, had a child’s birthday already or have gotten married – you know that cakes are NOT cheap. If you want the tiered cake that is decorated to the nines you are paying for it. I really want to make her cake myself because I felt I wanted to contribute to as much as I possibly could for her upcoming milestone. It is the decorations I am concerned about. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to produce a fancy cake that we all see and want on Pinterest, and it wasn’t honestly going to happen my first go, but I have to try my best. I thought not only will I save a lot of money in the process, but it will be something I could put my stamp on and hopefully one day my daughter will appreciate the work I put in doing it myself. Fingers crossed I can get this oh so big task done…and done well.

I stopped in at Michaels to pick up baking items that I needed. I already LOVE baking, so many things I already have at home. I basically went in for the items I had never used in my life. Fondant, fondant cutter, fondant smoother and a long baking spatula. I have to say watching MANY YouTube videos helped me feel a lot more comfortable and confident with the whole process and thought to myself, ‘this can’t be too hard.’ They really do make it look so easy so worse case it doesn’t work out, and then I have no choice but to pay for my daughters birthday cake, at least I can say ‘I tried’ right?! I have all the things at home now, and it is just a matter of diving in and getting my hands into what I so call ‘a manageable task’. I think to myself I have to make one test cake to see if I am able to even use fondant, make it look decent and decorate it to some degree where it is able to sit at my daughters birthday without it being an embarrassing work of art. FondantThat is the task for today. I don’t have a lot of time left so I need to make one, feel comfortable enough and of course happy enough to say – okay lets do this for real. I had to test out a recipe while I was at it and who doesn’t love baked goodies at home! It was an excuse to not only get into the kitchen and do what I love, but to also indulge in the product afterwards. me, it is a win win situation here. Being nearly 5 months pregnant with baby number 2, there are no real excuses packing on the pounds now. Hopefully the cake works out well – wish me luck.

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