It is hard to believe that I have finally taken the leap of faith and created Hny Baby. I must thank my most supportive husband for all of his help and his faith in me and this project. I have to say that if it wasn’t for having children, than Hny Baby wouldn’t even exist. We decided to call it Hny Baby because we always got a kick out of my father in-law calling our kids honey…we thought it was just so cute and since honey is associated with bee’s well, a bee with a pacifier had to be our logo. My hubby and I spent countless hours trying to get the best site for what we felt defined hny baby. I had to have honey in there somewhere, so our header and footer had to have dripping honey. And since bees love sunflowers we had to incorporate that in there as well, and the little precious munchkin who sits in sunflower field. Bare in mind that it has only been a few weeks, but it is quite a bit of work starting a home-based business as well as holding down the fort with two minis. I also have to mention that hubby decided to further his schooling so at times I have felt like a single mother

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