Not the best way to start year ONE!!

So after my daughters first birthday, we had the dreaded 12 month immunizations, what child wants to go through that right?! I hate having her go through the pain of needles, but it is important for her own health – present and future. When I get to the health clinic I get called into the room, to only find out that my poor princess is going to have 4 shots, and what is worse is that they will ALL be done in her ARM!!! Children at this age have more chub on their thighs (well perhaps at my age too)…and now the older they get the more they are aware of what is happening to them, and they are doing it in their upper arm?? The only comforting thing in this is that I didn’t remember my immunizations growing up, so I am sure that my little one will be just as fortunate. I am sure that there are some mother’s that may agree, but not every nurse at the public health clinic is very sensitive when it comes to their child right before the dreaded needle. I know I may be asking for a lot – I don’t think I am – but you must make the child feel loved and welcome while they are there before pricking them with needle(s). You don’t want them to feel like they are only there to get hurt, but rather, you are making them feel like it will be a painless process – even if they are just trying to get the child to cooperate. It just makes the parent and the child feel like ‘it’s okay’. I must say most of the time it has been a great experience, well as great as a process like this can be. It is nice that when they are older they blow bubbles and give them stickers…this definitely aids in helping the child forget what just happened to them. It also helps that all children for the most part absolutely LOVE bubbles!

So we get in the room, and the nurse tries to get some nice smiles out of my daughter and then has me hold her so she isn’t able to move or flail around while she does her thing and in the process assures me that she will do her very best to make the process quick and as painless as possible. That is a relief right…I mean I expect it to be nothing less than quick and painless as possible! She gives me the run down that two will be done in one arm and the next two will be done in her other arm, but there will be no time between it will be first two turn her quickly and then the next two, this way she doesn’t have time to think, scream or wiggle out of my tight hold. cake pop addictionI brace myself and my emotions and bam bam it is all done and lucky for me I only had to deal with a 15 second cry. Phew. I mean I have sat in the waiting room before and I have had kids cry and cry well after their immunizations have been complete, so I was thinking gosh with four needles I am bound to have to deal with that. I was lucky to have such a strong girl who stopped crying almost immediately and the bubbles thereafter made her forget the whole thing, I didn’t think it was going to be this easy. Yay! Here is to hoping that this next baby is just as tough as my little girl cause next set will involve both children – already dreading that one but we won’t think about that for now. One task checked off my list for this week, it is now onto packing as we countdown to Mexico!! A better way start to year one I would say… until then we treat our tough little girl to left over cake pops from her birthday, that should put a smile on her face – cause as we all know cake has a wonderful way of making all boo-boo’s feel better.

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