Santa came early

The holiday season is such an exciting time to look forward to every year, even if we don’t celebrate the traditional facets, the decorations, lights, holiday activities, trees, family dinners, and presents are always so much fun. My kids may not be able to partake in the making of a gingerbread house, or putting up the Christmas tree, but it is always so much fun to do those things with the hubby – that has been a tradition of ours, as is seeing Christmas lights and watching Christmas movies…and I only imagine how much more fun these times will be when our kids actually take part in these fun things with us! It is such a fun time of the year where everyone around you is smiling – the cheer in the air is so vivid, just as much as the lights are on trees.
So my daughter is a year and a half, and for the past few months we have been getting harassed that she still isn’t walking. Not every child is the same so even if the average baby walks by their first birthday – my daughter was not among that average. She took her first proper steps on her own at the end of November – just shy of her turning 18 months. So yes, even though she is a late bloomer when it came to walking, I took it as something of a relief since having a newborn it made life a bit easier for the time being. It just became a bit difficult to deal with when we have the parents in our ear telling us that we need to encourage it more, or are you sure this is normal, or do you think you should mention it to the doctor? It all became too much and by that point we were thrilled when she started just so people would stop pestering us about it. She was already furniture walking, but I felt like I was still being judged for not doing something right. Now that she is 18 months old she is full on walking and LOVES every minute of it. She walks with the biggest smile on her face and is proud that she is able to do it – as we are of course.
She never started crawling either, she became a full-time bumb scooter – which since that was out of the norm, made the parents concerned from earlier on. Now that she walks and seldom bumb scoots everyone misses it. Isn’t it funny how much you want someone to do something and then once they finally do, you miss what they used to do. I guess it is just like kids growing up, you want to see them go through new milestones, but then you miss when they were just little newborns…everything in life is bittersweet I suppose. Now that our little girl is walking, we feel like she is just growing up too darn quickly, can time slow down a little please?? Now that Santa came early – time to go buy some shoes for our little princess!

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