Slowly coming together

The hall got finalized and the invitations were sent. Safari Birthday NapkinsNow we wait to receive the attendee responses, and until then it was time to get cracking on the décor. So after much searching it was difficult to find the whole zebra print on just pink and white without it being related to a baby shower. I was totally bummed out. I walked around Wal-Mart to finally find my first and only safari décor that was going to be the start of what the decoration theme was going to go by…after all there wasn’t much I had going and time was passing faster than I could shop. They had a ‘Happy 1st Birthday’ sign, long rectangular table covers, napkins and side plates. Perfect right, well yes just the only thing was it was pretty gender neutral and she is a girl, and like most mother’s, a first birthday for a little girl had to be girly.

After much more searching through Google and aimlessly walking through multiple stores, I decided if I wanted this safari theme to happen, I am going to have to take what I can get and just use the Wal-Mart décor. It wasn’t that it was ugly or anything, it just wasn’t girly enough for what I had imagined her birthday decorations to look like. I got over that..well I guess I kinda had to in a sense, time wasn’t really on my side, and I had to get things rolling along.  I couldn’t get hung up on the fact that aesthetically something wasn’t going to be perfect. I had to remember the big picture and that was just making sure sure she had the best 1st birthday with everyone that loves her so dearly.

Okay so decorations have been picked. Now what’s next? I thought it would be quite fun to have a candy bar. Who doesn’t love candy right?!? Initially I thought it would be fun to follow the safari theme and have candies that followed – but of course finding candy bananas and green twizzlers had yet again proven to be difficult to find, and if they were available, they were only available on Amazon or Ebay, and the prices were just flat out ridiculous. Next step, make life simple and venture off to Costco and Wal-Mart and pick up party sized tubs of candy. Simple and perfect right? Yes, very. I got to pick whatever I wanted and I didn’t break the bank. Yay! Hubby was most ecstatic I think…but I was just excited that I could do a candy bar. I guess it wasn’t so bad to not work candy into a theme and I just reduced my ‘pulling out my hair moments’ since I could simply put the candy varieties into fun vases and wine glasses and still make it look pretty by just getting the glass and stemware from the dollar store. I just had to pick up a few different sized glass vases/bowls and glasses to make the table complete. Hopefully on the big day it looks just as visually appealing as it does in my mind!

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