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We finally arrived in Cabo from what seemed like the longest 2.5 hours plane ride from Houston, but what was a 13 hour journey from home. We got out of the plane and almost forgot just how hot it gets in Mexico. It was summer back in Vancouver, but nothing like this heat – after-all being from Canada we never, if at all, have extreme heat warnings, and if we do…they are nothing like the heat found in Mexico! You felt it right away, it was as though we walked into a hot oven, and unlike the aircraft connecting to a ramp like we are used to, boarding on and off the plane is done from the outside. You have to walk a few minutes just to get to the airplane and in the process are trying to keep cool as their is no shade where you are walking.

It was our first time to Cabo, 35 C (95 F) degree heat, virgin cocktails, and no dishes to clean or meals to cook – how can anyone ever complain or need anything more?!? Even though my husband and I are all about spending time at the beach, we were willing to give the whole pool thing a try, so deciding to go to Cabo – where going into the beach was totally off limits was something we hesitated about. Our deciding factor came down to having a one year old child, who we thought, probably would be more comfortable in the swimming pool – something she is used to – opposed to the ocean where waves get loud and undercurrents wash you from shore. We thought with a 12 month old, how much could we really enjoy the ocean anyways. In life, everything has to be tried at least once – a resort pool had to be one. First world problems right.

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

Once we got to the resort, we knew we had made the best decision. The pool was absolutely fantastic. It wasn’t busy and we felt like we had a lot of space to move around in the pool. Our daughter could splash around and we didn’t have to worry about it bothering other people around us. For some reason we didn’t miss the ocean as much as we thought…I mean don’t get me wrong I will probably pick a destination next time that has an ocean we can swim in to keep the option open, but this was a great compromise. I mean can you really imagine a 5.5 month pregnant lady trying to get out of the ocean with her 12 month old child in tow as the waves toss them around. I would imagine it would be like a fish out of water. We wanted a resort that would give us the best of all worlds, great resort with a clean updated/modern room, 5 star quality food, a big pool, night activities/shows and a resort that can overall give us a fun memorable experience for our family. Beach Bumb BabyNow I know fun is what you make it, and when you are on vacation how can it not be fun right? But think about being away from home, the last place you want to be is in an unfamiliar country with an unkept resort, sub par food and an ice cold pool…well it would surely take away from the whole overall experience for you and your family wouldn’t it…and since we usually only have one beach holiday a year and end up going for 10 days, our resort pick has to be chosen accordingly. We spend so much time finding the perfect resort that meets our needs and ensure that the resort we are staying at has been rated at the top, and for that you rely on the internet to be your best resource in finding just that. If you don’t use Trip Advisor for your hotel searches, you must do so!!

We were relieved that this resort was simply amazing and the rooms met our North American standards and the food was simply 5 star.  As I mentioned finding a resort outside of North America is always such a task and we are always trusty users of Trip Advisor because who better to trust than those that have experienced it first hand. Trip Advisor has never failed us and yet again has been spot on. I love Mexico for its architecture, but I have become more of a snooty bumb when it comes to the types of hotels I stay at and the types of rooms that are in the hotel. The old style Mexican architecture ones are not one of them especially when it comes to rooms. Now having a family, that standard has just been raised that much more. I don’t by any means only need a 5 star resort, but I want somewhere that has a North American feel that resembles home. I know I may sound totally spoiled in saying that but I am being honest and even though I would love to visit a third world country in the future and know 5 star don’t always exist there, when it comes to holidays on the beach – I am okay being one of those snobs. Baby girl in Los CabosI know I probably lose the whole traditional feel wanting North Americanized standards, but lets face it, I want a room where the beds are comfortable and the rooms provide me with a modern oasis. I also feel that when it comes to children, you want them in a clean environment – similar to home, so I don’t think that is asking for too it?? The first few days have been magical and my daughter is loving every minute of it…her face says it all! The food is 5 star quality and the milk is something my daughter just cannot get enough of…the staff are friendly and most helpful, the cocktails are loads of fun and the pool is phenomenal…I think this holiday is a hit so far – and like every holiday we never want it to end! Here is to another 5 days of R&R!

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