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So you’ve got a little one that has started teething. That teething has you up at night with a sleepless baby and sometimes running a fever. Your little one is going through multiple outfits a day and that laundry is piling up because that drool is just out of control. You want something that is going to help with this teething process. Well we may not be able to help with the sleepless nights, but we can help reduce the amount of laundry your doing. What you will need are some drool bibs, because no matter what anyone tells you, each baby is going to go through some sort of teething process and most of those teething moments will be accompanied by a little dribble or a lot of drool, enter HnyBaby Bandana Bibs.

You are probably wondering what makes a bandana bib an essential must have for your little one, we’re here to let you in on all of its perks.


To start, they are way more comfortable. Traditional bibs have a velcro closure which can pinch and scratch the baby’s neck causing their sensitive skin to become irritated, no happy baby there. Bandana bibs do the very opposite, they are soft – made up of an organic cotton front and an absorbent polyester fleece back leaving your little one comfortable and dry around the softest and most sensitive areas. They are so soft that your baby won’t even mind wearing them or even know that they are on. Making them an accessory to their outfit not an eyesore. Bandana bibs are style and comfort.


Traditional bibs also are sized as a one size fits all, leaving them either too big leading those vulnerable areas exposed where drool can sit and cause skin irritations or they end up too small as your baby grows, making the more uncomfortable and leaving you running out to purchase more. Don’t think twice, our bandana bibs come with a 2 snap button closure that are adjustable from newborn to toddler, so unlike traditional bibs, they grow with your baby cause we all know that every baby/toddler experiences teething at different stages of their growth. They have an extra inner lip so they are sure to sit close but comfortably to catch it all so that drool never has a chance to sit and irritate your baby. If your running out to buy more, it is because you love them and want to coordinate your little ones outfit to the T.¬†Bandana bibs are fashion and function.


Bandana bibs wash beautifully. Even after many washes, the bib will still keep its shape and bright colour and the snap buttons will look and fit the same. All the while those traditional velcro bibs start to bend, come apart and better yet, stop sticking together. Not to mention they end up sticking to other clothing in the wash which cause garment snags and pilling…no fun.


Okay lets face it, those tiny little people can drool up a storm, and you can only do so much laundry and outfits changes per day before you’re completely exhausted. We want to make life easier and our bandana bibs take away the need to for multiple outfit changes that result in added laundry. Our bibs are super absorbent with the fleece backing so your outfits stay dry, your baby stays happy, and your diaper bag and laundry load are that much lighter. Yay!


The other thing we can’t forget is that they are fashion forward. Even though your little one may be teething that is accompanied by all that drool and dribble, your baby will still look super trendy in the process. Our bibs can be coordinated with any outfit giving it that perfect compliment. An accessory that looks good, feels great and most of all does the job! Your little one won’t even know they have it on, and will look stylish in the process, I’d say that is a momwin.

So what is the silver lining when it comes to bandana bibs…you get style and comfort, fashion and function, and you have a happier baby and mama. Oh and after all that drooling and when that teething is at bay, these bandana bibs are great for those meal time messes. What are you waiting for, go get a set bandana bibs for your babe or bub today, you won’t regret it.

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