Summer Nights

So I have to say, kudos to ALL mothers that are pregnant in their third trimester during the summer! We are having quite a heat wave here and sleeping at night just feels horrendous with this big belly. Not only do I find it difficult to move and get comfortable, but dealing with the night heat is just straight out unbearable. I mean I am 28 weeks, but at this point I feel like am ready to pop, the swelling just makes you feel like you have just ingested a ton of water and your sitting there hoping you can either pee it out or sit in an ice box to hopefully let it absorb back to wherever it came from. This pregnancy has been quite difficult on my body – not that I should complain as there are people in far worse shape during pregnancy…but with a nearly 14 month old, it seems like I haven’t really been able to rest when I felt like I needed it the most, if they haven’t told you yet, I am going to tell you now – you just don’t get to enjoy the pregnancy the same way you did with your first because you are tending to your older babe(s). I am sure many of you can relate that any pregnancy after your first just fly’s by. For me, but the months have just flown by that I cannot believe that in 12 short weeks, there will be another baby at home.

I am sure many of you mothers will agree…but any baby after your first is never truly savored, you just had more time to do everything you wanted to with your first right! Don’t get me wrong I am not speaking for all of you, I mean whatever happened to just lying down on the couch with your feet up, putting your hands on your tummy and just having a special moment with your soon to be? What happened to just enjoying the moments of when it moves and wiggles around inside of you? What happened to sleeping in on the weekends, or falling asleep whenever you felt like you were just too tired? All that has just got lost in having a little one at home. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for the world, and I did want to have my babies close together, but I feel as though it will truly be a juggling act when there are two little ones at home – and that is okay, I just want to ensure that I do everything for the second as I did with the first…now the question is – will that be possible?!? I am freaking out a bit because I really don’t know what to expect and how my daughter will accept her new sibling. Only time will tell I suppose, but I just hope that even knowing how busy life will be, I would only hope to be able to capture the same moments I did with my daughter…we gotta be fair right parents because quite frankly I will have my hands full with a newborn and I know it is already going to be quite challenging getting everything done around the house, for the newborn, for my toddler – and I can’t forget about the hubby!!

I have to say though that I also have to savour my last 12 weeks with just having just one child. I know that once the baby comes ALL of my attention won’t be on Ziya, so I really have to give her all that I can of ME right now…while it lasts. I am lucky because she is pretty good at playing on her own and keeping herself entertained if I am busy around the house with cooking and tidying up. I know not all children are like that, so I do feel blessed. I am hoping that once the baby comes that it doesn’t change. My daughter was a great sleeper as she slept through the night starting at 8 weeks – I know stop right…but this is the hard part, I have been spoiled for so long that I will have to adjust all over again. Even though I am still in that so called ‘baby’ stage, I really have surpassed the most difficult part of having a baby – sleep! I just keep getting told it won’t be like that with the second child, so basically I have to be prepared for those multiple nightly feeds and the major sleep deprivation – I am sure once we get a good hang of it all we will have it down to a fine art, that’s my game plan anyways – we all know babies have their own agenda.

summer pool funSo despite the heatwave being my worst nightmare, it has been the absolute best for my little princess. Evenings just got a bit more fun for her with a small baby pool and some splashing around before dinner. Ziya loves swimming, can you tell? She is without a doubt a water baby; so she absolutely loves being able to be in the water and have some splish splash time almost every evening. These are the times that I just love, sitting around as a family just enjoying the company of one another just as the sun begins to set and smiles all around. Now, these are the days when I never want summer to end – hard to believe I just said that given I am sitting here with my feet in an ice cold bath trying to cool down – nevertheless as much as I love summer, fall and winter mean our bundle of joy arrives and how exciting is that.

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