Surprise Birthday Celebrations

I guess they don’t call it a ‘surprise birthday’s’ for nothing! I was sure surprised this year when my hubby planned an entire surprise birthday party for me without me having any clue in knowing. It was so thoughtful and he went above and beyond to make me feel special (aww). He made it an ‘adult’ party and it was done two days after my ‘real’ birthday so it wasn’t expected at all. Do you ever feel like maybe you are too old for birthday’s? What about surprise birthday’s? I guess I do – but then sometimes I guess it is nice to feel extra special on the one day of the year its all about you?! And an adult party, with adult conversation and no poopy diapers, thrown tantrums or sippy cups…well who has enjoyed one of those since being a parent? I know these don’t happen very often – so let’s enjoy shall we!

birthday cakeThe hubby had my cousins wife in on the whole thing but made it look like it was never planned. Weeks before the whole thing took place my cousins wife – basically my sister and I had planned that we needed a much need girly day – one that consisted of retail therapy or some sort of pampering. The day was set and it was planned that we would go in the early afternoon (prior to the party that I had no idea about) we decided we would indulge in a coffee date followed by mani and pedi’s. What woman doesn’t love one of those days right..and for me they don’t come very often, so I truly look forward to them. It was also decided that after our afternoon of girly time we would head back home where dinner would be prepped by the men – this day was looking like a full on day of pampering since I didn’t have to worry about cooking either – well was I in for the surprise. I walked into the door and SURPRISE was shouted by at least 20 people. I was totally taken back, and if anyone knows me, knows that I hate being the centre of attention; however, despite that it was truly so very sweet of my hubby to take such a thoughtful initiative and for all my close family and friends to have come and celebrate with me. He had ordered food, got it delivered and ordered a cake with my most favorite ingredients…a coconut ice cream cake with coconut and banana drizzled with caramel – I mean come on right; it was AMAZING!! More please…

Surprise Birthday Celebrations Everything was just absolutely perfect. Looking back at the day though I should’ve figured something was up. When I was getting ready in the morning I wasn’t looking to dress up in anything too fancy – it was summer, I was 32 weeks pregnant and felt like a big swollen ball ready to pop (quite literally), so was thinking a casual summer dress – loose in order to feel free yet something cute, but then hubby tells me, why don’t you wear this other dress (a dress that happens to be a bit fancier and a lot tighter) as it will look a lot nicer for the outing, he also claimed it wasn’t all the time that I get to feel pretty and dress up being at home with a toddler. It should’ve also been a slight trigger when my cousin’s wife did ask me how far we were away from home we were a couple of times as they wanted to know when to get food on, but clearly it was to gather everyone and have them ready for the big reveal. I guess sometimes we look right past what is right in front of our face but never question it…it isn’t a bad thing to feel extra special sometimes is it? 🙂 It was an amazing surprise that wasn’t expected and I ring in my new year to new additions to our family. Thank you my love for making me feel extra special this year, for taking the time to invite our closest of friends/family and for surprising me with such an amazing day with delicious food, company, pampering and the time of my life, cheers!

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