The Softest Bibs Your Ever Going to Feel!

imageWe all know how important it is to keep your baby comfortable and clean. Drooling is something all babies go through when they’re teething so why not get them the softest most comfortable bibs.  Bibs have become an essential part of a babies outfit, seriously how many outfits can you change in a day? Saving an outfit is as simple as letting your little one drool on the bib he/she has on then ripping it off and replacing it with a new fresh dry bib. Here’s a quick guide highlighting what to look for when buying your next set of bibs.


Bibs have to be able to do their job and that job is being absorbent. All bibs whether silicone, cotton or any other material are going to have preserve your babies outfit and last through the drool

Bibdana Collection


Everyone knows that babies grow up fast. Probably a little too fast for everyone that’s a parent, so having bibs adjust as your baby grows is extremely important. You dont want to be in a position too have to buy new bibs every few months because the old ones don’t fit anymore. Almost all bibs now are adjustable through snaps or velcro so this should’t be any issue. Although the snap ones are much better in my opinion as they stay on more snug.


This is one of the most important traits your new bibs should all have. Bibs sit close to your baby’s chin and most of the time are touchin

monochrome bandana bibs

g their skin. A drooly baby means your bibs are going to get wet from time to time so ensure that the material used in making your bibs is organic cotton if you are looking for a cloth bib. The organic cotton is softer and smoother to the touch and ensure your little one is kept nice and comfy.


This is a huge part of baby accessories nowadays, creating something with function and style. Lets not forget your baby is going to be wearing this bib a lot so why not have them looking good while wearing them. I’m a huge fan of bandana bibs for that simple reason is they look totally sharp and can go with any outfit. In fact they even compliment the outfits and make them look better a lot of the times. If you have never tried or bought a set of bandana bibs I strongly recommend you give those a try, they will have your babies looking cool and drooling in style.

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