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multi use cover on stroller

Whether you’re a mom to be, a new mom, or a mom of many, the process of leaving the house with a baby is never as simple as it seems. You need diapers, wipes, a change pad; and then you can’t forget that diaper rash cream because you never know when your little one is on the onset of a diaper rash. Not to mention you have to ensure you have an extra change of clothes – maybe two – because you may deal with that inevitable diaper blow out or the spit up that sometimes just ends up everywhere…including your hair. And like that diaper bag isn’t already crammed you need toys, snacks, blankets, bottles and that nursing cover so you end up squeezing it together just like an over-packed suitcase just barely managing to zip it up, only to realize you forgot to pack their pacifier. Ugh.

So the million dollar question: How can we make those diaper bags more manageable? Have you heard of a multi-use cover? Okay mama’s for those of you who haven’t heard of it, it is truly amazing. It has the capability of covering all your basis while only occupying a 10th of the space needed in your diaper bag. For me, this was a mom win and a ‘where do I go to score one of these bad boys?!’ So whats so special about these multi purpose covers, well its simple; they serve as a nursing cover, a car seat canopy, a shopping cart and high chair cover all in ONE, but it is also has many other uses like protecting your little ones from germs found on swings at a park, using it as a blanket while baby wearing, or even as an infinity scarf for moms to be stylish or you just need to cover up that shirt that is covered in spit up. One cover with multiple uses…now that mamas is a product that has us covered, pun intended!

The Ideal Car Seat Canopy

The multi use cover is great for keeping your baby shielded from those outdoor elements (wind, rain, sun and snow) and of course from all those people who think it is okay to just put their hands all over your newborn baby. Any little one in a bucket seat can remain warm and cozy on those those cool fall and winter months while remain cool and shaded from the bright sun on those summer days. The fabric is made up of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex which allows it to not only be breathable, but also allows it to be a great fabric that can be used all year round. Instead of trying to fight with the weather and trying to source out a way to keep that blanket from flying off your little ones car seat as soon as there is a gust of wind, this cover is the perfect for any weather that takes a turn because no cover off that car seat is flying anywhere. It is also a great way for your little ones to remain warm cozy and warm without feeling restricted under those heavy blankets. These covers are also great as it is easy enough for parents to keep an eye on their little ones as the opening at the top allows for quick and easy peek-a-boo access without disturbing your sleeping baby. If this hasn’t got you sold yet, lets move on.

Car Seat Canopy

360 degree coverage

Every mom feels differently when it comes to nursing in public. Not all moms are comfortable with the idea and this is when you’ll want a multi-purpose cover. Most little ones love to kick off the traditional nursing covers leaving you exposed. I mean if you are using a nursing cover, the purpose is to be covered and these covers are amazing at doing just that. They provide you with 360 degree coverage and your little one can kick and move all they want, and they won’t leave you exposed. Amazing right, YES! These covers are breathable so your baby will be comforted next to you while feeding and will leave you at ease knowing your not vulnerable to being exposed during your breastfeeding session. The stretchy fabric allows these covers to work with all body types cause we know all too well how much a woman’s body changes after having babies. The opening at the top allows you to adjust and peek in while you breastfeed giving you the comfort you need when you are out in public, but leaving you both comfortable so and your baby are not overheated even if it ends up being a longer feed. So by now you should be sold on these multi-use covers, but if you aren’t the next two are sure to win you over.

Multi Use Nursing Cover

Cover up those germs

Okay now your little babe is able to sit, which means grocery outings will be done with your little one in the shopping cart and those dinners out will be in those restaurant high chairs. In this new fun age of exploring and teething also comes with everything┬ásome way or another ending up in their mouth and likely touching everything that they probably shouldn’t. Have you ever thought of how many people have touched that shopping cart before you that day? Yup, now think of your baby and how much they love to put stuff in their mouth, now I bet your cringing. We know all too well that for a baby nothing is off limits – not that grocery cart handle, or that little key part that dangles off the shopping cart, or those seat belt straps that have probably been exposed to some chicken tray or some other little babes hands that were likely wet with mushy crumbs from that baby mum mum that you found at the bottom of your purse or some oily fingers from the free samples at Costco. Now if this hasn’t gotten you all grossed out, think about those high chairs at your favorite restaurant. You know that somewhere in and around that chair, left over food remnants are just waiting for your baby to scrape off and put in their mouth. Dried purees that have been left on the buckle or that caked on chunk of arrowroot cookie that has been dried onto the bottom of the handle, those things just touching your baby and sometimes even ending up their mouth. The list is endless and so are the germs. This cover that is folded so compactly in your purse or diaper bag will come to the rescue. It will easily drape over that shopping cart or that high chair and it will keep your baby away from germs, leaving you with a happier shopping or restaurant experience and will have your child staying away from picking up those old food remnants and putting it in their mouths.

Shopping Cart Cover

A cover that keeps on covering

This cover sure covers it all and then some. Like you needed any more reasons than whats already been mentioned, it goes and covers just a little bit more. These multi use covers are great for those park swings, cause we all know a little babe will have a great time on the swing but will inevitably plant their mouth over the front part of the swing and they will gnaw on that rubber to soothe those teething gums. A multi use cover to the rescue. Or if you are baby wearing and it becomes a bit chilly all of a sudden and you forgot that blanket, to the rescue will be a great make shift blanket from your multi-use cover. Oh and how can we forget the fabulous infinity scarf use. Not only will it accessorize your outfit, but will also cover up those leaking breasts or those spit up stains that happened this morning but you couldn’t be bothered to change your shirt!

multi-use cover on swing

Now have we got you covered?

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