What could it be?

The weeks during this second pregnancy have just flown by – half of it was during my first maternity leave and the other half is being done back to work. I just feel like the weeks have passed by so quickly that this baby is going to be here before I know it! I am ready to meet this little one, but I want to also savour the time I have left with her as my only child before that time will have to be shared with my second.

What could it beWe decided – like our first baby, to keep the gender of this baby a surprise. We really enjoyed not knowing what the gender of our first was and thought it would be great to do the same this time. In the end, we as parents end up knowing everything down to the name, so why not keep a level of surprise left for us (the parents). I know there are many people who find out because they like to be more prepared or may have other reasons for wanting to know the gender; however, we were just ones that wanted that to be the surprise and were willing to wait and find out when it came to the delivery. During my first pregnancy, I had mixed reviews from people – most said boy, but I had a good number who thought I could be having a girl. More people had told me they thought it was a boy, based on how I was carrying and basically had convinced myself that it was probably a boy. Isn’t it funny how many myths there are about the way you carry, the foods you eat and your physical body changes that give people the inclination of gender based on meeting certain criteria? I don’t know about you, but I even did those silly gender prediction tests – oddly enough, most of them said girl. By my 8th month, I had a dream that it was a girl and that is when I knew that this could be my first mother’s intuition…it was a sign and it must be a girl. Sure enough, we had a beautiful baby girl.

Now herein lies the difference, during this pregnancy EVERY single person – even random people during my outings, would tell me I am definitely having a boy. To top that, I had a dream the other day that there was a new baby in a car seat and he was a little boy. So maybe this will be two for two. I mean who doesn’t want to have a millionaire family right…but then in all fairness we all have a 50% chance of being right. After having a miscarriage at 12 weeks before I got pregnant with my daughter, I am okay taking any baby, boy or girl, so long as it is healthy. I know everybody will tell you that it doesn’t matter so long as the baby has its health, but I truly believe that – we may have a preference but in the end it doesn’t really matter. Sometimes you and your partner go through so much emotional agony whether it is during conception or after having miscarriages, that at the end when it does happen, all you can hope and pray for is the health of the baby and nothing more, all those months of trying just make the gender less and less important. Those that have had babies, know that it isn’t easy getting pregnant – like really there is a 48 hour window in which we only get once a month which results in time being of the essence. The chances are so slim when you look at the big picture, and when you go months and months of trying with no success you start to feel defeated…so when it does finally happen, you just feel truly blessed that it did and the gender becomes the last thing on your mind.

With only a few months away, the hubby and I are still debating on a name for a boy, luckily the girl name was quickly agreed upon. Oddly enough, during my first pregnancy we had a boy name agreed upon, but the girl name was a difficult decision – so maybe this is a sign that it is a boy. The hubby is really looking forward to having a little boy, he wants someone to play football with in the backyard, or go to a sporting event with, talk sports all day everyday, talk business just have similar interests in – although in having said that I have told him that girls can equally have those same interests that may be dominated by men, right. When we had our daughter – the gender reveal upon her arrival at delivery was jaw dropping for my husband. He was convinced during my pregnancy that we were having a boy – maybe because he wanted one so badly so than at least he got what he had preferred to have first. But he has grown to love her so dearly that now he claims that he could never imagine ‘not’ having a little girl to call his own. I guess every daddy wants a boy to play with and a little girl that has her daddy wrapped around his finger…and hopefully he will be lucky enough to have both of those – if not, we try again. 🙂

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